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You can use KERS, but how? Go to Settings when you are in a server and bind a key to: 'TEMPORARY BOOST'. Push and hold it on a straight. You can see how much KERS you still got with rFdynHUD. I will post a Tutorial: 'How to install rFdynHUD' soon.

TC Override
TC Override is allowed. Bind it to a key in Settings also. Press the button when you drive around 140 kmph. It turns off your Traction Control for a little bit more speed. Leave the button when you are going to brake.

The Qualification will be on . There will be Q1, Q2 and Q3. The first session, Q1, is 20 minutes long. The amount of people who get lost in Q1 depents of the amount of people which participate. If 18 people participate, 4 people will get lost. Q2 is 15 minutes long, and then another amount of people get lost. If there are 18 people, as I said, there will get 4 people lost, again. After that, there will be a top 10 qualifying. The top 10 drivers will get 10 minutes to drive on their best, but with Parc Ferme.

The race will be 50% of the real amount of laps. If the real Formula 1 circus drive 76 laps in Monaco, we drive 38 laps. There will be a Formation lap also, so 39 laps. The tyres depend on which race it is. For Silverstone we use the Softs and Hards, but for another race we use other tyres. You can change tyres by running a .BAT (we say which). The Tyre Wear will be x3 and the Fuel Wear x2.

Penalty's will be given if you cut a corner 3 times, crash someone on purpose, or do other bad things. If you cut a corner 3 times, you will get a 25 second penalty added at your time. But not if you DNF! You can Report People in a special topic, which is coming soon.

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25 Seconds added to current race

- Crossing the white line when leaving the pit lane
- Cutting a corner 3 times without slowing.
- Going off your line 2 times

5 Place Grid Drop in the next race

- Causing another driver to lose control due to driver error and not finished in the previous race.
- Saying Something in the last 7 minutes of a qualifying session.

10 Place Grid Drop

- Crossing the white line and than not finishing in the previous race
- Dont mind a blue flag in the qualifying
- Dangerous driving in the previous race

Will start from the back in the next race

- Crashing someone on purpose
- Team orders

Will start from the back in the current race

- Beating your own lap time by cutting a corner. If you cut while you are doing your first lap, it is no problem. But if you don't beat that lap after, you will still get the penalty.
- Cutting in your inlap is also not allowed


- Talking during the qualifying sessions.

5 race ban

- Talking really much in the race


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